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ELMS Days 2024

After weeks of reflection on the various challenges of crisis situations in health and the possible approaches to addressing them, whether medical or social, the ELMS Days 2024 took place on Saturday, April 13, in Paris, focusing on health in times of crisis. 

The date was not chosen at random as it commemorates the Lebanese Civil War of 1975. A historical overview of this war was presented by Dr. François Boustany, and the preservation of heritage was discussed by Mrs. Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly, who has extensive field experience (Iraq, Syria, Ukraine…).

The topics varied from medical care and the adaptation of treatments to war situations, natural disasters, and health crises. 

A session dedicated to mental health and psychological trauma, a constant factor in any crisis, was presented by national specialists in the field, Prof. Wissam El-Hage, Prof. Coraline Hingray, and Dr. David Travers.

We also heard from Dr. Houda Merimi, who spoke about the role of NGOs, specifically the experience of Médecins du Monde.

We were honored to receive prominent Lebanese-origin doctors, researchers, and caregivers who presented their work on patient care in times of crisis. 

The day was followed by the annual gala dinner at the town hall of the 15th arrondissement, with Prof. Nadey Hakim as the guest of honor. It was an opportunity to share a moment with the members and friends of ELMS.

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