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ELMS Raises Oximeter Awareness !

In its first charity project, and despite barriers and limitations set by the global COVID-19 epidemic limiting international orders, meetings and shipping procedures, the EuroLebanese Medical Society defied the odds and set up a collaboration project with the Lebanese Red Cross to help fight this epidemic.

Aided and donated by several members of ELMS from all across Europe, 45 brand new pulse oximeters were bought and collected through a collective effort, and sent in one package from Paris to Beirut on July 4th, 2020 on board an MEA flight. The France MEA coordinator Mr. Marcel FRANGIEH showed great enthusiasm in collaborating with ELMS by generously accepting to relay the precious cargo to Lebanon.

Given the primary respiratory involvement in COVID-19 patients, and the. crucial role of constant saturation monitoring, this aid came deeply helpful during times where Lebanon is still combatting with the aftermaths of the epidemic, and preparing for the upcoming waves.

Dr. Antoine ZOGHBI, president of the Lebanese Red Cross, sincerely thanked the ELMS and its president Dr. Elie HADDAD, in an official letter addressed on 7 July 2020, for their act of solidarity and their will to build bridges of collaboration between both organisations. He added that this kind of attention coming from Lebanese abroad reinforces their enthusiasm and will to better serve their country.

“Ces ponts d’entraide ne font que renforcer notre volonté de servir notre pays et nos citoyens”

Dr. Antoine ZOGHBI

This first project is but a modest beginning in a long timeline of projected aids and medical education plans that ELMS will be outlining during its first annual meeting on 9 July 2020, which will be held over ZOOM.

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