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Grieving Beirut

On the 4th of August, citizens of Beirut and passersby were struck while on their way back from work, with 2 massive explosions that had hit Beirut Port, followed by a destructive shockwave that reached the suburban areas of the capital, taking with it more than 157 deaths and around 5000 injured up to date.

This explosion hit our dear motherland while it was already down on its knees due to the ongoing economic crisis on one hand, that saw basic products’ prices rise dramatically, and the COVID-19 pandemic, on the other, that caused the country to be completely closed to the exterior help and needed valuable resources.

In this dire situation, the Eurolebanese Medical Society cannot sit idle. For this, we have mobilized our contacts through our worldwide members, and have started a fundraising project aimed to alleviate the heavy burden set currently on healthcare professionals in Lebanon. After close contact, it has been clear that the healthcare system was already in a borderline situation, bled dry the ongoing pandemic, and that they are welcoming literally any kind of help possible, and in big quantities; whether it be human or material help.

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