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Webinar Session 1:

Close no matter how far

Webinar Session 2:

Covid-19 in Chronic Patients: Do's and Don'ts

Webinar Session 3:

COVID-19 Treatments : What's New?

Webinar Session 4:

COVID-19 & The Heart: A Complicated Love Affair

Webinar Session 5:

When COVID-19 hits on your nerve!

Webinar Session 6:

I sent them Home. What's Next?

Webinar on Women's Health in Lebanon and Women in Health in 2024:

On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, ELMS organized a webinar on women's health in Lebanon: challenges and obstacles, and women in health in Lebanon: what demographics? What gender stereotypes and, above all, what inequalities? The topic was addressed by Dr. Ghada Hatem Gantzer, founder of the Saint Denis Women's House, and Dr. Elsa Mhanna, member of the Donner des ELLES à la Santé board, as well as Dr. Hanane Ziadeh, a surgeon practicing in Lebanon.